Looking for an immunity boost? This month’s theme is about strengthening your immune system to work its best in fighting infections and diseases.

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Well-Being Slides

Post this short slide presentation on your onsite TV screens, HR and/or wellness program office.

To download the slideshow for these images, follow the link below.

Featured Wellness Activity

The goal of this activity is to encourage employees to work on strengthening their immune system with healthy habits.

Fuel Up

The purpose of this monthly feature is to highlight eating healthy snacks to help stay focused and energized throughout your workday, wherever you may be.

This month’s featured snack is peanut butter. Unless you’re allergic to it, what’s not to love! It offers a smooth (or crunchy) boost of plant protein to savory or sweet snacks.

Health Video

Learn an easy formula for making smoothies to boost your vegetable, fruit, and healthy fat intake.