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Find all of your Harvard Pilgrim and Interlocal Trust benefit program materials here.

OptumRx Mail Order

Enrolled Employees & their dependents are able to receive a three month (90 day) supply of maintenance medications through the OptumRx Mail Order Program. This is not a mandated program.

OptumRx Brochure
OptumRx Enrollment Form

Doctor on Demand

Available to enrolled employees & their dependents at a $0 copay.* The 24/7 telemedicine program virtually connects you with licensed doctors & other professionals for many common urgent-care needs.

*If members are enrolled in an HSA, the cost of a medical visit is $49 and this will apply until the deductible and applicable cost sharing has been met.

Doctor on Demand Payroll Stuffer


Members have access to the Sanvello mobile app from Google Play or iTunes. Once members add their Harvard Pilgrim ID number, members then have complimentary access to the premium version of this app. Use it to track your daily mood, learn coping tools, experience guided journeys, get personalized progress and connect with others.

Know your Cost Tool

Enrolled employees & their dependents have access to the Know your Cost Tool through their HPHConnect portal. The online tool helps members plan for the cost of their care. The tool provides personalized cost-sharing estimates based on their specific plan’s benefits.

Living Well at Home

Harvard Pilgrim has you covered with Zumba, yoga, guided mindfulness and wellness sessions available through the Living Well at Home Programs. All classes are at no cost and can be accessed via Zoom. 

HPHConnect Portal

Enrolled Employees & their dependents have access to the HPHConnect portal. The portal contains all pertinent plan information including but not limited to; program materials, Explanation of Benefits (EOB), Summary of Benefits (SOB) and more.


ClearChoiceMD is an urgent care facility equipped to treat all urgent non-life threatening medical needs, seven days a week, 12 hours a day. ClearChoiceMD is physician owned and operated providing high-quality, convenient and affordable urgent care.

OTC Medication

Your health plan includes coverage for certain generic over-the-counter (OTC) medications, effective January 1, 2021. Your Provider will need to write a prescription for the covered medication up to a 90-day supply.

Organ & Bone Marrow Transplant Coverage

Provided by QBE Insurance, Organ & Bone Marrow Transplant Coverage is available to all covered NHIT/HPHC members and eligible dependents at no cost. Learn more about the pre-certification process on the attached flyer. 

Reduce My Costs

Voluntary savings program that enables participants to make consumer-driven  health care decisions based on cost information. Employees and enrolled family members earn 20% of savings when they use a lower costing provider (up to $2000 per service) on many non-emergency medical services.

Out-of-Area Dependent Network

Harvard Pilgrim requires dependent members enrolled in an NHIT/Harvard Pilgrim HMO plan but reside outside of the enrollment area to register as an out-of-area dependent. Dependents would be able to use the Harvard Pilgrim out-of-area dependent nationwide network when they receive care outside of their plan’s enrollment area.

Emergency Room Alternatives

Harvard Pilgrim offers a variety of options for Members to get care in a different setting than the ER that could save both time and money. Alternative facilities include; Telemedicine Services, Convenience Care/Retail Clinic, Urgent Care Clinic and the Emergency Room.

Trust Work-Life Assistance Program

The Trust Work-Life Assistance program (EAP) is available to all employees of the work-site, regardless of enrollment in the Interlocal Trust health program. Licensed counselors offer confidential consultations for a wide range of personal, family or workplace concerns. This is a free and confidential program with 24/7 access.


ProgenyHealth serves as a supportive lifeline to members providing resources, education and assistance for infants admitted to the NICU or Special Care Nursery.They are available 24/7 and up to 60 days post discharge. 

Clinical Transitions

Harvard Pilgrim Nurse Care Managers provide assistance to new members transitioning to the NHIT/HPHC health program. Assistance includes planning a safe and reasonable transition of care under new coverage.

Amplifon Hearing

Amplifon Hearing offers a comprehensive, cost-effective hearing discount program to enrolled Interlocal Trust Members. A Patient Care Advocate will explain the Amplifon process, assist in making your appointment and will send your information to the Provider ensuring your Amplifon discount is activated.

COVID Coverage

COVID-19 Testing and Coverage questions come up frequently. Have you come in contact with someone and need to get tested? The attached Flyer reviews how your COVID test will be covered by your health plan.

Parent Portal

Members have 24/7 access to decision support tools and resources to help ensure their child receives the right care at the right time. The Parent Portal helps guide parents when their child is not well. Features include a symptom checker, pediatric news, wellness information and discounts.

Ovia Health

Ovia Health offers support to members through some of life’s biggest transitions: starting a family, navigating pregnancy and balancing life as a working parent with young children. Through a series of mobile apps, Members can access expert content and tips, personalized health insights and unlimited health coaching with registered nurses.

Ovia Health FAQ
Ovia Health Flyer

Behavioral Health

Members have access to a vast network of behavioral health providers through United Behavioral Health (UBH). Providers evaluate and treat general mental health conditions. This includes therapy, both in-person and virtual and prescribing medication when appropriate and in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Digital ID card for iPhone

Enrolled Members with an iPhone mobile device can access their insurance ID through Apple Wallet. The wallet card contains the same information as the member’s physical ID card but lists the member’s PCP as well.

Member Savings & Discounts

Harvard Pilgrim offers member discounts and savings opportunities for those enrolled in the NHIT/HPHC health plan. Programs include vision, fitness, hearing, healthy eating and smoking cessation. 

Virtual Visits

Members are covered to receive care virtually using live video on a smartphone, tablet or computer. Office visit cost sharing may apply.

Smart-Start Program

Do you have an employee who will be new to the Interlocal Trust Program with benefits questions? The Harvard Pilgrim Smart Start Program helps to ease the hassle and uncertainty of switching health insurance. They can be your first pre-enrollment resource for support and guidance for a members transition.


A safe & secure digital therapy service that allows members to connect with a therapist via secure digital messaging. One week of unlimited Talkspace digital messaging has a cost share that reflects one 45 minute session.

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